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A dangerous past…
Jayla Solonga is a woman on the run. Hiding for the better part of five years from her abusive ex, Jeffrey Alwazir, she’s moved from state to state, keeping watch over her shoulder, never settling down for long. She’s transformed herself from the shy, fearful girl, into a strong, resourceful woman—one who feels safer shutting out the rest of the world. That is, until a handsome stranger crashes his way into her life.
With a hope for the future…
Alistair Kane is a master at reading others. It’s what makes his security company so successful—the ability to determine a dangerous situation before it happens. It’s also what makes him one of the most sought after Doms in The Cave of Wonders, a BDSM club he’s belonged to for years. When Alistair meets Jayla, he’s immediately infatuated with the mysterious woman. Her quick wit and sassy attitude instantly register the truth for him—she’s a natural, bratty submissive. A thought which has his blood—and other areas—heating.
Until her time runs out…
Alistair’s firm yet gentle approach is what allows Jayla to tear down her emotional walls, discovering a whole new world through bondage and submission. Desire, pleasure, control…love—emotions Jayla feared she’d never experience again. Now, she’s more determined than ever not to let her past dictate her future. The only thing holding her back is the truth she’s hiding from Alistair: Jeffrey isn’t an ex—he’s her husband. One who will stop at nothing to find her. To own her.
To break her.
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Bullied for a 1-Star Book Review… That I didn’t Write!

Hello loves, and Happy November! Boy, do I have a doozy for you.

I’d heard stories. I’d seen other’s make Facebook posts. I’d read articles. I guess, somewhere in the back of my mind, like the teenager who drives too fast all the time, I thought it would never happen to me.

And it did. BOY it did.

An author saw a 1 star review, did some searching, found me, and direct messaged me with the sole intent of berating me and telling me to change “my” review.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

No, I’m not joking. I wish I were. So, sit down boys and girls while I tell you a story…

I met this “author” on Facebook. For the purposes of this blog, let’s call him Charlie. He started a website for indie authors in which you can post your book and your links with the goal of reaching others who like to support indie writers. Cool concept. I accepted his friend request and added Stealing Beauty onto his site. Awesome.

Then, I noticed Charlie always seemed to write posts intended to… “stir the pot”, so to speak – political, religious, sexist, you name it. He had a lot of comments from people who didn’t agree with him, and were pretty open in their dislike for what he had to say. Added to that, Charlie never seemed to have anything of note to back up his opinion. He’s one of those Facebook arguers – we’ve all seen them – who thinks just because he says it, it’s true. If you disagree, well, hell… YOU are wrong.

One day, Charlie made an outrageous claim about men and women, and their inability to ever be friends. He wrote a book in the same vein, using “sources” and “science” and arguing men NEVER read romance novels, and if so, it’s only to get into women’s panties, as well as argued women who WRITE romance novels have no idea about the “reality” of men.

He then went on to say – get ready (I’m paraphrasing) ALL men have a desire to rape women, and would do so if not for the consequences. In fact, ALL men see women as nothing other than a sexual conquest. He was adamant on the ALL factor here.

I kid you not. He then listed his book link saying to read it first, and then comment.

Well, boys and girls, a lot of us did. His “science” and “sources” were from places such as Wikipedia, as well as research studies proven to be invalid. He actually used a Vice Magazine article as a “source”.

I had a conversation with him, ignoring the blatant cry for attention in his post, to say some of his content was accurate, some truth, and he cannot use magazines as valid sources. I also argued the book was an opinion, not fact, and did not apply to all men. He disagreed, using the argument being a woman, I have no idea about men, he was completely right and I am wrong.

Whatever. I pulled up my big girl panties and moved on. I don’t have time for that. In retrospect, I should have blocked him. Alas, I generally give people the benefit of the doubt. You have to be a special kind of jerk to make it to my block list.

Anyway, here comes the good part. (Mind you, I’m leaving out a little bit of info to not bring his identity into this, as well as to paraphrase. If you want to see the full convo, it’s posted on my Facebook page here. ) A few days later, I have Facebook open while I’m writing my next novel (shame, I know. This is why it takes me forever!), and a message pops up, from him, accusing me of leaving a 1 star review on two of his books. Mind you, 1.) I didn’t leave a review. 2.) I didn’t know he wrote more than one book. I tell him it wasn’t me, and he proceeds to tell me how he linked it back to “my author page” based on what this other person liked. So – someone, who “liked” my Amazon author page, read his book (I checked, it was a verified purchase), left a 1 star review, and to him, the only possibility is me. I mean, who else BUT me would like my Amazon author page? Amirite?

I tell him again, sorry, wasn’t me. It may have possibly been a family member as I did tell my sister-in-law about the book (Personal Opinion – the book was poorly written, poorly researched, full of complete BS shrouded as truth, makes outrageous claims, and is offensive, and I told her in a “dude-you-need-to-read-this-shit” way). As we share an Amazon/Kindle log in, she could have read it. He then proceeds to tell me he gets 100 downloads a day, has over 10,000 likes, and obviously that means that he is right and the 1 star review is wrong. Mind you, he has 2 reviews on the one book I did read. TWO. And about 30 on this other book, which I had to search to see what it was even about.

He then tells me the review was “out of spite” and it needs to be changed. And if it wasn’t my “sister-in-law” – yes, he kept using quotations – it was me and I need to change it. He then went on to insult my intelligence as well as my writing – which hysterically hypocritically, he didn’t read.

Loves…. my mind is officially blown. Let’s ignore his inaccurate accusation for a second. Here is an author who had gone out of their way to search for, find, and message a reviewer with the sole purpose of telling them they are wrong and to change it.

No! Just no!

How can anyone promote them self to be an ethical author, and do this to reviewers? It is NEVER ok to berate a reviewer for a poor review. In fact, one of the first bits of advice I was given once my book was published was never to argue with a negative review, and never to praise a positive one.

I’ve had a few 3-star reviews on my book, and you know what? They were INCREDIBLY helpful. They were well written, insightful, and quite honestly, brought up issues which I missed. I am so thankful for those reviews!

I’ve never received a 1-star review. Although, based on his responses to me, I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually tries to leave one for my book. Or asks his “100 downloads a day” and “over 10,000 followers” to follow suit.  I’ll have you know at the time of this post, on Amazon my book rating is a 4.9 and in Goodreads a 4.8 – not bragging, just protecting myself! Lol. (But seriously, based on some of his comments, I can actually see this happening).

Just to be sure it wasn’t me having an off day, I posted the conversation. I did warn him, multiple times, I was going to – so in that sense I don’t feel I did anything wrong. The comments about the conversation were all in line with my train of thought. As an author, what he did was wrong. No two ways around it.

Now, you may be asking yourselves why did I write about this, especially after admitting I posted this on Facebook? Am I just being passive aggressive?

Well – maybe I am. I am a Scorpio and all.

My astrological bitchiness aside, I cannot believe someone, who is the “most humble person on the planet” – direct quote – thinks this behavior is alright.

So, here’s my bit of advice for aspiring authors. Do NOT do this. No. Never. No. If you see a 1 or 2 star review, leave it alone. Don’t comment, don’t get into a conversation “explaining” your point of view… just move on.

Reviewers – if an author EVER does this to you, you should put them on blast. Seriously. I’m not saying to be childish, and get into an argument, I’m telling you to tell them you’re going to post their comments for the public to decide. This type of “bullying” (I hate using that word when it’s not the true definition, but I honestly can’t think of another word right this second) is not ok. It’s NEVER ok, and they need to be made responsible. We cannot continue to allow people to think it’s ok to “bully” others for their opinions.

I can get REALLY meta on this topic, but I’ll save that for another time.

So before I go, I want to know if this has ever happened to you. Do you agree or disagree and why? Leave comments – I do love them. You know, as long as you don’t tell me to change my post 🙂



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I want you to want me.

Dear Jessica,

Help! I feel like I’m driving myself crazy. My husband and I are no longer intimate – at least not very intimate at all. We’ve been married almost 7 years now. If we have sex once a month I’m lucky.  I often wonder if he’s cheating, just because he has no real drive to be intimate with me.  Emotionally, we still have a great relationship – we laugh, go on dates, go out together with friends and separate. I don’t understand why he doesn’t want a more sexual relationship.


Dear Worried,

Firstly, take a deep breath. No need to go right to the “cheating” wagon just because there’s been a change in the bedroom.

I’m not sure why this is the go-to response, “s/he’ cheating”, but it simply isn’t always the case. In fact, I would argue if you have those little moments of intimacy – laughing, spending time with each other, a “great” relationship – then it’s more than likely NOT the case.

Let’s start with: When did it become a problem, and how did it get there? This is a very important question to answer. Typically, you don’t go from daily sex to less than monthly overnight. Things begin to get in the way – fighting, finances, work, home, school, in-laws, cutting the grass, the fight about the sock on the ground – any and everything can contribute. In order to truly fix the issue, you need to know the problem, not the symptom.

How did you and your husband’s sex live begin to decline? Can you pinpoint when you first noticed the shift?

How intimate you are without sex? Do you hug? Kiss? Hold hands? When we’ve been with our partners for a while it’s easy to forget how important these are to our partners, and our relationship. Men and women are very similar in this sense – if they aren’t feeling wanted, they aren’t going to want sex.

If you can’t pinpoint the shift, and intimacy outside is not a problem, let’s look for some common issues regarding lack of sex. A huge one is tied into emotional health. I’m talking about stress. While for many sex is a stress reliever, if you are in a constant state of worry about a multitude of issues, it’s harder to get “in the mood” to begin with. Stress can lead to lack of sleep, lack of energy, physical sickness, headaches, intestinal issues, irritability, and more. Just going over the short list, with any of those symptoms it’s harder to want to get it on. If your husband is experiencing multiple symptoms? No way.

Another potential culprit is age. More specifically, the “sexual peak”. Men tend to hit theirs in their 20s. Women – late 30s. That’s almost a 20 year gap (the cougar phenomenon makes sense now, huh?) Your husband’s sex drive may be on decline while yours is skyrocketing. He may not need it every day, while all you think about is your next orgasm.

There’s the saying, when it comes to foreplay, men are like microwaves, and women are like stoves. Perhaps you need to treat your husband like the stove. Don’t jump right into sex – make it *sexy* again. Cook him a nice dinner. Wear sexy lingerie. Give him a massage. (Before I get yelled at about being misogynistic – this is a woman talking about her husband. If the question was from the opposite sex, I would say the same). Talk to him about his day. You may find the issue with your lack of sex has nothing to do with sex at all.

If the above doesn’t work, my rule of thumb – open communication – also applies here. You can discuss with your husband exactly how he – and more importantly, you – feel. I suggest having a frank conversation with him. Ask him if something is bothering him, if there’s something you can do. Let him know you’ve noticed a shift and find it difficult not to personalize it.

Finally, and this may be embarrassing, he may not be able to *ahem* preform, quite as well. Perhaps he wants sex, but his body isn’t complying. He may need to visit a doctor – so suggest a check up where he can bring up potential physical issues.

It may be embarrassing, and hard to discuss, but this is your husband. If you can’t be open and honest with each other, sex is the least of your problems. Counseling may be beneficial.

Good luck,



***Jessica is a Licensed Therapist and Romance Author. Answers are meant for entertainment purposes and should not be used in place of actively seeking therapy for love, sex, or intimacy issues.***


Taking it… deep.

Dear Jessica,

Help! I have the WORST gag reflex. When giving my S/O oral sex, I just can’t seem to get him in. He’s on the large/average size length and girth, so it’s not that I’m with one of my book boyfriends with porn cock. I just don’t know what to do. He enjoys what I’m able to do with my mouth and tongue, but I want to be able to surprise him with more skills. What can I do to make it easier on me?


Dear Gagging,

Women and men over the world have been asking this question for years. When I worked selling sex toys, one of the most popular buys was a throat (and anal, but that’s another post) numbing gel so the ladies could get their men in deeper.

I’m not being sexist. I never had a man at my parties!

I’ll let you in on a secret. Those. Gels. Do. Not. Work.

They (normally) taste awful, and while they make your mouth numb, they don’t fix the cause of the problem.

It all comes down to that pesky little gag reflex. For most women (about 70%), the gag reflex is triggered by an object touching either the back of your throat, roof of your mouth, tonsils, and back of your tongue. Basically, anything past the molars can trigger it.

If you have a gag reflex, you can just jump in and make it disappear. You need to train your body not to gag. This takes time and some patience, but eventually it will work (and by work, I mean you may still have the initial reaction, yet you can push past it).

Firstly, learn where your “tipping” point is and how its triggered. I’ve read lots of sites that mention trying with a toothbrush – but let’s face it: Men aren’t toothbrushes. Or fingers. Or Popsicle sticks. They’re much thicker, and using a thin, flat, instrument isn’t going to give you the best, fastest, results.

Use something phallic-shaped – a small banana, a cucumber, a dildo, and – you guessed it – stick it in your mouth. Let it explore… move it around in circles, press it up to the roof of your mouth and down towards your throat, hit your tonsils, everything. You want to get a good measure for where your “weaknesses” are. You may notice some parts of your mouth have less of a reflex than others. Start there.

If the roof of your mouth and throat is less sensitive, practice by placing the (I’m going to use this example going forward) dildo in your mouth, and angle it towards the least-sensitive area. Allow it to go as far as possible until your gag reflex sets in.  Once it does – leave the dildo there for 5-10 seconds, or as long as you can stand. Don’t move it in or out, keep it steady.

Yes, this will be uncomfortable. You’re body is going to react. You may start to cry. That’s ok. What you’re doing is training your body to “relax” when it’s triggered. You’re throat will stop spazzing, but it needs to know nothing is wrong.

Practice this a few times a week, each time trying to push the dildo in a bit further. Over time, you’ll notice a major difference. Once you feel you’ve gotten “far enough”, you can practice hitting your gag reflex while moving the dildo in and out, now mimicking oral sex.

The last, almost most important part, is your breathing. Long, slow, breaths will always calm your central nervous system. It’s science. As you’re practicing, try to breathe through your nose… for two reasons.

One – it’s easier. People naturally breathe through our noses without thinking about it. When doing something uncomfortable or new, the more you can work with your body instead of against it, the faster you’ll learn the task.

Two – your man’s going to be in your mouth! It’s not always easy to gulp in large amounts of air while your tongue and throat are otherwise occupied. Especially while sucking – it’s impossible. If you can practice breathing while simultaneously suppressing your gag reflex, you’ll be more relaxed and in turn, can take him deeper.

Then… surprise your man by swallowing that dick!

Remember, it does take time. I’m also going to warn you – it’s harder to deep throat in the morning. Even though you’re relaxed while waking up, you’re muscles haven’t had the time to stretch. It can make it more difficult. Also, and this should be self-explanatory but we sometimes forget – if you get him down your throat, at some points, you won’t be able to breathe. This is why practicing helps. You’ll train your body not to go into “panic mode” and rather, go with the… flow (hahaha I love puns).

There’s something incredibly sexy and empowering about giving oral. Their sighs, moans, the sweet little “oh, fuck”, mmmmm. Regardless of how deep you can go, have fun. Show enthusiasm. That counts for more than anything else.




***Jessica is a Licensed Therapist and Romance Author. Answers are meant for entertainment purposes and should not be used in place of actively seeking therapy for love, sex, or intimacy issues.***

Keeping her in the “friend zone”.


I’m not sure what to do. My best friend (female) has hinted recently she wants to move our relationship from friends to potentially more. I’ve told her in the past I thought I was bisexual, and she’s seen me hook up with other women – when drunk. The problem is, I’m just not attracted to her. I don’t want to hurt her feelings. How do I let her down gently?


Dear Worried,

There are a few points here to discuss.

Firstly, you mentioned you “think” you’re bisexual and you’ve hooked up with other women – when drunk. By your wording, I’m not sure if you agree you’re bisexual, or are like many women who can appreciate another great looking woman – and sometimes kiss them.

Are you interested in having a relationship in women, just not her, or does the idea of kissing a woman sound fun, but not a full-on sexual relationship? This seems to be the first question you really need to answer for yourself.

Regardless if you are questioning your sexuality or not, the simple answer here is again the truth: You’re trying to discover yourself, and don’t know what you want.

Now, if she doesn’t accept that answer (and if she is you’re best friend, then she should accept any answer which isn’t cruel or degrading), you can take it a step further. Let her know you appreciate her friendship too much for the possibility of a relationship coming between you.

Because that’s what it ultimately comes down to. If you didn’t want to risk losing the friendship, you would have already told her you’re simply not attracted to her. The fact you want to “let her down easy” indicates she is incredibly important to you.

Whichever way you choose, be prepared for her taking it hard. As your best friend, she’s probably aware you’re “undecided”. It probably took her a lot to bring the topic up with you, and being turned down, no matter how gently, sucks. Do not – no matter how drunk you get – hook up with her! This would only be leading her on, and would be unnecessarily cruel considering you already know she’s not the one for you.


***Jessica is a Licensed Therapist and Romance Author. Answers are meant for entertainment purposes and should not be used in place of actively seeking therapy for love, sex, or intimacy issues.***

BDSM or BDSDon’t


I need some advice! When meeting someone you’re interested in developing a relationship with, what is the best, most tactful way to inquire if they are into BDSM? If it matters, and I’m sure it does, I’m a Dom, and prefer women who are submissive. Not really into administering pain, or most other things that go with the term BDSM. Pretty much just D/s. How would your recommend initiating that conversation?

~ Inquiring

Dear Inquiring,

Nowadays, it seems everyone at least has BDSM on their radar. The days of it being taboo and only discussed in secret are over. In this vein, it’s no different than discussing the topic of sex in general.

Let’s be frank for a moment. Sex is an important part of any relationship. You need to know what both you and you’re partner are expecting. If you have the sex drive of an 18 year old male, and his sex drive tanked five years ago and would rather cuddle, you both are going to be disappointed. It’s  better to know this information ahead of time. It shouldn’t be the first question you ask, but this is part of the “getting to know you stage”.

There are few ways to bring this topic up, and largely depend on the relationship you’re in: Did you just meet online and are only messaging each other? First date? First night together? Six months in and want to try something new?

Each scenario will be slightly different. The best way to discover someone’s likes is often the simplest – ask them.

Questions such as: “What are you looking for in a relationship?” or “Why did your last relationship end?” can segue into this topic. You can even use the current “Old Faithful” route of “have you read 50 Shades… what do you think?”

If you’ve been with someone quite some time and want to see if they’re interested without the dreaded (OMG) words, watch for cues during sex.

When on top, pin her hands above her head (gently) and gauge her reaction – or, look into her eyes as you place her hands above her head and tell her not to move. Does she gasp, smile, squirm? Bite his neck, or thigh, or nipple… see if he moans or tries to pull away. Take her on a fancy date, and as you undress tell her you want to “try” something as you gently place your tie around her eyes. All the while – pay attention to their reaction. I cannot stress this enough. Just because YOU are excited, doesn’t mean they are.

Afterwards, TALK about it. Let her know you enjoyed XYZ and see if she did too. Once you’ve been given the “green light”, you can try to bring more into the bedroom. Surprise him by buying a pair of handcuffs; tell her how you’re going to “punish” her later on for something you’re joking about now (“You changed Family Guy on me? I’m going to smack that ass later tonight for that.”)

Regardless of how deep into the BDSM world you want to travel, you must remember communication and trust are key factors. Safe words are a must, and MUST be obeyed. If you find yourself in a situation someone is not abiding by the safe words, or not listening when you tell them you are NOT comfortable with something – this is NOT BDSM. This is abuse.

Please don’t confuse the two.

***Jessica is a Licensed Therapist and Romance Author. Answers are meant for entertainment purposes and should not be used in place of actively seeking therapy for love, sex, or intimacy issues.***

Help! I’ve lost my muse.

My drunken slut of a muse up and disappeared on me about two months ago, and I haven’t been able to find her since. I have no idea what happened. Did we fight? Did I bother her with my incessant replay of Lana Del Rey while writing? Did she find her soulmate and wander off? I have no idea.

What I do know is it’s been really, really, hard to get into writing lately. Sure, I have projects. I joined Camp Nanowrimo with my Stealing Beauty publisher (*ahem* Deep Desires Press *ahem*) for our upcoming Coffee series, I’m trying to submit a novella for a Zombie-themed erotica anthology, and I’m working on Book 2 of the Fairy Tales After Dark series, Finders Keepers.

With the projects I have lined up and the looming deadlines, both pre-set and those I’ve set for myself, one would think the writing would just flow. If not from creativity, but from sheer fear of not getting them out in time.


Lana is still keeping me company (by the way, have you all heard Lust for Life? OMG. Just constant repeat) but she isn’t able to bring my muse back. Maybe that little whore wants… I don’t know…. 30 Seconds to Mars. She is quite a fan of Jared Leto, both as himself and Mr. J.. My muse and I have that in common I guess.

I get such energy from nature, and I’ve been feeling great lately…. just not creative.The weather is gorgeous; the perfect balance of warm sun and breeze, without making you want to shed your clothes – in the not fun way.  But nope. She’s not where she should be – on my deck, with her sunglasses, sipping a martini as she works her magic.

I’ve been reading novel after novel, night after night, trying to get inspiration. Nothing. I either hate the books I’ve been reading, or they’re so far outside the erotica genre it doesn’t spark anything. It’s like she’s laughing at my frustration.

Oh… and the little bitch teases me, too!

I have ideas. Lots of them. At all sorts of times. I’ll have an idea while driving, or at the supermarket, or even that one time at work when I should have been paying attention in the meeting yet somehow began to imagine the sexy motorcycle ride my Ali and Jayla (Finders Keepers) are going to take. I’ll normally voice record the ideas quickly to not lose them, but once I get home, sit down, and begin to type…. nothing. The scene I literally wrote, word for word, on my drive home from work disappeared once I sat to write it.

I actually had a dream about two weeks ago where I was reading a novel. A FULL NOVEL I was really enjoying. I woke up, realized it was a great read, tried to remember what I… well I guess what I read AND wrote in my mind, but it was gone. Just like that. *Poof*

Just. Nothing.

I finally decided – after weeks of sitting in front of the computer, looking at a blank word document, banging my head on the table, and then opening up Facebook just to distract myself – “screw it, I’m just going to free write”. Strangely – this has helped a little, albeit it makes me nervous.

Take my Zombie erotica submission. I have literally NO idea what’s going to happen next. I just sat and decided to write what comes to mind, and it’s actually been coming along pretty well. I’m about half way through and… for not having any direction whatsoever…. I’m quite proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Now I just need to keep it up. I’ll never really be content with only a paragraph or two a night, but at least it’s something. I’m learning perhaps I need to let my muse wander off, sow her wild oats, and then return when she’s ready. Because it’s what she’s doing anyway. Let’s face it – she does what she damn well pleases.

I’d love to hear about your muses. What struggles do you have with them, and how did you make up and get another story going? Comment below. 

Happy Reading


First Encounter

Th17197842_1623084741038373_447518380_nis week’s quickie is provided by one of the HOTTEST erotica authors I’ve encountered. Seriously, each “Random Thought” really revs my engine. I’m talking, of course, about CJ Cassidy.

With an intense following of loyal readers, CJ knows how to tease. Read below for a sampling of his style, and check out his novel, The Tortured Soul Trilogy of Pain and Pleasure. 

The Lovers

A quick note from me, before your “quickie”..

This week’s quickie comes from the talented Jack Walker, a newly published author of erotica and horror. His first novel, Chocolate – Book 1, is available on Amazon. Jack has a number of short stories and poems on his website, yet this particular one really spoke to me. It’s not only sexy and romantic, but the end was such a sweet surprise, reminding me as an author of the entire audience out there. I hope you like it.

~Happy Reading