The Lovers

A quick note from me, before your “quickie”..

This week’s quickie comes from the talented Jack Walker, a newly published author of erotica and horror. His first novel, Chocolate – Book 1, is available on Amazon. Jack has a number of short stories and poems on his website, yet this particular one really spoke to me. It’s not only sexy and romantic, but the end was such a sweet surprise, reminding me as an author of the entire audience out there. I hope you like it.

~Happy Reading

The Lovers

She sat still, waiting for his hand to reach out. Slowly he stood, walking over to her, and placed a hand on her leg. He spread her legs apart, slowly moving the hand down her inner thigh. She sighed, her breathing got shorter, however; her hands stayed put. She wanted to move them, but they stayed still.

She sighed as he approached her sex slowly, his fingers trailing down her leg. Her stocking was held up by elastic; as he reached it he pulled on it slowly. She sighed deeply, enjoying the sight. His hand trailed back towards her sex, wanting to spread it open, to have his fingers inside her.

Her eyes closed, her head tilting back, feeling her pulse pounding in her ears. Her control was strong, but she so desperately wanted to hold him. The soft touch of him was exhilarating, enticing and just.. just.. where? He shifted her legs apart a bit further, then knelt in front of her. Flimsy underwear covered her smooth labia, showing enough, but teasingly hiding the rest. Her breasts were still firm and nicely round, the nipples sitting proud.

Her skin was a soft, light, mocha colour, she was Irish-Spanish. Her light russet hair was loose tonight, just the way he liked it. He would often just play with her hair, softly combing it with his fingers.

He reached for the scissors, then delicately cut the underwear away, lifting her slightly to get all of the material away from underneath her. He proceeded to stroke the hard nipples of her lush breasts. The nipples standing out, small buttons of dark chocolate.

Through the material he stroked them, teasing them, until he finally leaned in and kissed each one in turn. His tongue circled the nipples, licked softly, then he proceeded to cut away the material. She loved the delicate way he handled the scissors, not hurting or pinching, being gentle until he needed to be rough.

He looked into her eyes, those large grey-green eyes, so passionate and haunted. He needed her, but he restrained himself, wanting to build up the pleasure a lot more. He reached down to her hips, pulled her carefully forward, then knelt again. He was a supplicant; he adored her smooth, naked sex and wanted to pleasure her before he took pleasure.

She watched as he knelt, then nodded as he prepared to lave her with his tongue. Her soft lips always tasted delicious, slightly musky. He gently kissed her, then slowly licked the soft mound, moving his tongue to her clitoris. There he danced the tip of his tongue along the button, teasing and flicking gently. She moaned, the soft licks firing her nerve endings. She wanted to thrust her hips, but he held her still, balancing her on the edge.

His tongue continued to dance, tease and flick. He nipped her clitoris gently, then licked her pussy all along the length. The shudder that passed through her body was electric. He smiled inwardly. He thrust his tongue deep inside her, then released her as she moaned and cried out again. He continued this until she came, hard, in his mouth. Her nipples were hard, her chest heaving, her lips trembling.

He stood and kissed her then, holding her hand softly onto his bulged trousers. She felt the pulsing cock, and wanted desperately to feel him inside her again. His hand moved between her legs again as he pushed his fingers gently inside her, filling her, stroking her. His thumb rested on the clitoris, the fingers slowly thrusting in and out, making her even wetter than before. Her body felt like it was starting to bubble, the blood hissing through her veins. Her body reached her zenith, she flew over the cliff and felt the fingers get flooded with her come. She gasped at the intensity of it again.

He lifted her up out of the wheelchair, her naked, broken body still passionate and responsive to his touches. He loved his wife with an intensity that he could never forget. Her quadriplegic body was still glorious and ripe. The doctor had said sexual stimulus might enable her to regain some feeling. This was their playtime.

He loved her so much, often he wept as he looked at her paralyzed body, yet he still felt the arousal course through him. He laid her softly down on the bed and made love to her, slowly and carefully, like all the other times. His body healthy and strong, they still loved each other. She cried afterward, not tears of sorrow, but of joy.

Her husband, her lover.

Want more of Jack? Click here to visit his website. Don’t forget to check out his novel, Chocolate – Book 1. 


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