This time, a whole new world has a whole new meaning…

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Finders Keepers Ad [D]
Finders Keepers released today with AMAZING reviews!!
🌟“I LOVED this story – I could not put it down once I started.” – Cat B🌟
🌟“Finders Keepers is gripping, dark and sexy and it kept me reading into the night.” – BookHigh 🌟
🌟“I am not a Fairy Tale dark reader but Jessica has changed my mind. Just buy the book, I promise you will not be disappointed.” – Ann M🌟
So what has everyone so excited!! Check it out for yourself:
A dangerous past…
Jayla Solonga is a woman on the run. Hiding for the better part of five years from her abusive ex, Jeffrey Alwazir, she’s moved from state to state, keeping watch over her shoulder, never settling down for long. She’s transformed herself from the shy, fearful girl, into a strong, resourceful woman—one who feels safer shutting out the rest of the world. That is, until a handsome stranger crashes his way into her life.
With a hope for the future…
Alistair Kane is a master at reading others. It’s what makes his security company so successful—the ability to determine a dangerous situation before it happens. It’s also what makes him one of the most sought after Doms in The Cave of Wonders, a BDSM club he’s belonged to for years. When Alistair meets Jayla, he’s immediately infatuated with the mysterious woman. Her quick wit and sassy attitude instantly register the truth for him—she’s a natural, bratty submissive. A thought which has his blood—and other areas—heating.
Until her time runs out…
Alistair’s firm yet gentle approach is what allows Jayla to tear down her emotional walls, discovering a whole new world through bondage and submission. Desire, pleasure, control…love—emotions Jayla feared she’d never experience again. Now, she’s more determined than ever not to let her past dictate her future. The only thing holding her back is the truth she’s hiding from Alistair: Jeffrey isn’t an ex—he’s her husband. One who will stop at nothing to find her. To own her.
To break her.
Buy Finders Keepers Today!

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