House of Tannin (HOT) Series

The House of Tannin (HOT) series is the love child between Jessica Collins and the amazing Siryn Sueng.

Having met through their publisher, Jessica and Siryn quickly developed a bond and realized they were mega-fans of each other’s work. With Jessica primarily writing contemporary romance between MF pairings and Siryn writing paranormal romances between MM pairings, the pair knew with their powers combined they could develop an amazingly sexy new world. Thus, HOT was born.

The first novel, Raven’s Touch, is a medieval paranormal fantasy novel featuring MM, MF, and MFM love interests. Loves…this series is off-the-charts sexy.

Click the links below for more information.

Raven’s Touch

When lust, love, and danger collide there is only one truth—they will either all live together…. or die together.

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