Raven’s Touch

Raven’s Touch by Jessica Collins and Siryn Sueng is a wonderful story to read. This is a brand new start to a brand new series by brand new authors for me. I am so in love with this story can not wait to read book number two in this series. I highly recommend this story to everyone who wants a wonderful story to read.

~Scarolet E

After the raven-haired Rhys washes upon Lord Cadeon’s shore, neither man can deny their desire for each other. Or their shared love, Imogen. When a powerful enemy emerges, the three risk losing more than just their lives. They risk losing…each other.

Washed upon a foreign shore, Rhys Kelstai finds himself in the company of the very handsome Lord Cadeon of Tannin. With nothing other than vague memories of being thrown to the mercy of the sea—and a gaping hole in his side—Rhys offers servitude to Lord Cadeon as gratitude for saving his life.  Servitude in any way the lord desires.

Cadeon of Tannin has been heartbroken, left by his love, Imogen, months earlier. Since then, Cadeon has thrown himself into the protection of his subjects, ignoring his own carnal desires. Nevertheless, it seems the raven-haired Rhys is determined to melt the ice surrounding Cadeon’s heart, a notion Cadeon finds himself not only warming to…but craving.

When Imogen returns to his lands only a few weeks after the hedonistic Rhys appears, they are determined to show Cadeon the truth—three are better than two. Yet, when a dangerous witch, hell-bent on destroying Imogen, descends upon Cadeon’s land, the trio know this will be the fight of their life.  When she finds the only way to defeat Imogen is through her greatest threat—Lord Cadeon—she turns her sorcery elsewhere: Rhys Kelstai.

When lust, love, and danger collide there is only one truth—they will either all live together…. or die together.

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As he sat across the dining table from Rhys, he found it difficult to look into the man’s eyes. Body now cooled from his bath, he found himself embarrassed for allowing himself to think of the other man in such a manner. Rhys, though, didn’t seem concerned about Cadeon’s silence. The food across the table was more than enough to hold the man’s attention. Rhys concentrated on his plate while Cade dragged the goblet of wine toward him and took a deep drink. 

“Do you always drink, my lord? I’m surprised you move as well as you do if you’re constantly downing alcohol.” Rhys looked up from his plate and offered a smirk to go with his playful words. “Perhaps you just got lucky then?”

Constantly downing? Cadeon didn’t know how to respond for a moment. He and his men drank, and drank well. The daily stress of sparing, watching over his land, ensuring the safety and wealth of his subjects, all while watching for the king’s spies had gotten intense in the past year. He had never been questioned before about his imbibing, simply because all others had as well. 

“Perhaps you have trouble admitting someone is better than yourself?” Cade responded, a smirk to his lips as well, to indicate he too was jesting. Mostly. 

Rhys paused in eating to regard Cade with a look that was suspiciously devilish in nature. He tilted his head a little and answered. “Maybe. Or perhaps it was the weapon I was wielding. Your swords are heavier than mine, not as balanced. At least, not to me.” He tore a piece of bread apart and tossed some of it into his mouth. Rhys added onto his words after taking a drink of his wine. “There are few things that I’ve admitted being bested at, my lord. Very few.” 

Cadeon caught himself smiling over his goblet in return, noting the ease in which Rhys’ demeanor seemed to pull him out of his normal somber state. “I’d like to hear of the others. This way I can be sure not to best you at something in which you already know you’re lacking.” 

“I have little doubt you would attempt to best me in any way you could.”

Cadeon coughed into his wine. 

“Are you alright, sire?” Rhys asked, a smirk lingering on his lips.

As Cadeon placed the cup on the table to regain his composure, he couldn’t help but notice the gleam in Rhys’ gaze. “I’m fine. Perhaps you weren’t mistaken in telling me I needed to refrain from the drink once in a while.”

“Yes, well. When swallowing becomes an issue, it may be wise.”

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