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July is National Ice Cream month and Jessica has been asked to take part in a special series entitled The Ice Cream Shop Series. Each day in July, one of your favorite romance authors will be releasing a novella based on a specific ice cream flavor. While the stories are connected by characters, they’re all connected through their love of romance, both sweet and sexy, and ice cream!

Sweet Sundaes: A Second Chance Romance

I fell in love with Quentin Bennett when I was six years old.
He’s been the only man I’ve ever really loved. 
We were twelve when he kissed me. Sixteen when he made love to me. 
And seventeen—when he broke my heart. 
Now, twelve years later, my father is sick and I have to return home.
Back to New Jersey. Back to…Quentin.
I never expected to see him again and yet, one look in his bright blue eyes and I’m hooked.
I want his hands, his mouth, his lips, all over me. I want him to hold me tight and never let me go.
I want him to love me again.
All I’ve ever wanted…is Quentin.

I fell in love with Peyton Monroe when I was seven years old.
She’s been the only woman I’ve ever really loved. 
I was young—and stupid—and broke both of our hearts, forcing her to run out of my life. 
I’ve never been the same.
When she showed up back in town, all grown up and more beautiful than ever, I made the decision.
I have to win her back.
I need her in my arms, in my bed, and with my ring around her finger.
I’ll do whatever it takes. 
This time, I won’t screw it up.
I can’t afford to.
All I’ve ever wanted…is Peyton.

***Sweet Sundaes is the continuation of Peyton’s and Quentin’s story from I Was Yours, part of the Breakup or Makeup Anthology.***

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