Your Merry Little Christmas

Your Merry Little Christmas is on SALE for .99 cents through Valentine’s Day! Get your copy today by clicking the button below.

I don’t think I have ever read a story written in this manner before. It’s creative and really involves the reader. I liked the outcomes of the story as well. Very interesting!!


Naughty or Nice? 
YOU Decide.

After a heartbreaking breakup, you need some time to heal, and the Amora Nelle Neve Lodge is the perfect Christmas getaway. If only your GPS didn’t get you lost!

The police cruiser driving by is more than just your savior. After meeting the devastatingly handsome Officer Greyson, his deep blue eyes are all you can seem to think about. Until you meet the super sexy Chef Maxim, that is, who asks you to dance in his restaurant and promises a night you’ll never forget. If that weren’t tempting enough, your ex, Liam, arrives, begging for a second chance. And he has a surprise—one in the shape of a tiny, blue box.

What’s a girl to do with all these men on Christmas?

Anything she wants.

In this interactive romance YOU control the outcome. Follow your heart, satisfy your urges, and indulge in forbidden fantasies as you navigate the pages of your own story. Once one concludes, start again—choosing a new path each time. The possibilities are endless.

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