Those Dark Lips

Happy reading!

(Yes… it’s erotica… be warned)

She stared at herself in the mirror as she added the dark plum to her pink lips. The color was striking against her pale skin; a complete change from her normal crimson shade.

Smacking her lips together, she took one last look at her face, ensuring her makeup was even and blended well. Her cat eye liner and cream color shadow accentuated her green eyes, making them appear larger than normal. She lifted a hand to her hair, loosening the clip to allow her curls to fall down her back. Running her finger through the soft tresses, she applied a last coat of hair spray and sauntered into the bedroom.

As she reached for the dress which hung on the back of her door, her husband walked in, toying with his cuffs.

“Can you clasp these for me…” he stilled when he saw her; in nothing other than her black lace bra and panty set. Coupled with her new lipstick, his gaze made her self-conscious.

“Is it too much?” she asked sheepishly, ready to run back to the bathroom to remove the offending shade.

His eyes narrowed as their pupils dilated. He stalked toward her, his sleeve all but forgotten. He invaded her personal space, pushing her back against the wall as his hand wrapped around her hair.

“On your knees, now.” Her heart fluttered at his command; his tone was not one meant to disobey.

“I need to see those lips wrapped around my cock.”

He unzipped his pants, reaching in to pull himself out. She licked her lips before opening for him, rolling her tongue around his head, tasting the salty drop which had escaped. She took him as far as she could, licking from base back to tip before releasing him with a soft “pop”.

His moans urged her on as she continued to lap and suck, growing wetter as the moments passed. She felt him thicken in her mouth, pulsating as his orgasm neared. When she reached up to cup his balls, the hand in her hair pulled her harder against him. Hand against the wall behind her, he thrust into her waiting mouth. With a grunt, warm liquid spilled down her throat, and she made effort not to spill one drop.

Smiling to herself, she kissed the tip of his cock before leaning back onto her legs. She looked up to catch his hooded gaze. “Fuck, that’s hot,” he huffed, looking at his stiff, wet, shaft.

She shifted her gaze to match his, and noticed it coated with her lipstick. A dark ring around the base was evident, as well as smears running the length of the shaft.

He grasped her chin in his hand as he tilted her head up. “It’s a great color. Reminds me my angel has a wicked side.”

She giggled as she stood. She was about to offer him a towel when she changed her mind. Grabbing onto his shaft one more time, she wrapped her lips around the head, just under his ridge. When she removed them, another perfect plum ring remained.

“Keep it there all night,” she purred. “I want to come home and see myself still around you.”

He kissed her forehead as he adjusted himself back into his pants. She clasped his cuff-link and donned her dress and heels, just before fixing her smeared lips. Hand in hand, they walked into the night.



No, I don’t want your d*&k pic.

Is there anything more annoying than logging on to Facebook, accepting a friend request – because hey, it’s nice meeting new people – and then immediately getting bombarded with: “What do you look like”, “Are you horny”, Can I stroke for you?” (No, really. This happened. Worst pickup line ever.)

I created my Jessica Collins Facebook account figuring it was great exposure for me to meet new people and get them excited for my novel (Self-indulgent plug time: March 2017 from Deep Desires Press!!!), as well as a great way to meet other authors. And I have met some really, truly, awesome, people including other authors, bloggers, and general fans of the genre.

Unfortunately, I have also been exposed to men who are apparently desperate for some computer lovin’.

Honestly, what has the world come to when the way to hit on a woman is to send them a dick pic? Or to get more and more aggressive when you are obviously not sending them a picture of you? Here is an actual, recent, conversation I had with a random stranger:

Is that u in ur pic?

Hello. No, that’s a stock picture. I’m an author and use a pseudonym.

Wut u look lyk

I’m sorry?

Send pic.

No, sorry. I don’t send pictures to people I don’t know.

Plz. Ur pretty.

How do you think I’m pretty if you haven’t seen a picture of me?

Pic plz.

No. I don’t send pictures.

(Insert dick pic here). Pic of u now plz.

Blocked and deleted.

There are so many things wrong here, and that’s not even touching on his spelling. From the first comment, I should have known better. I admit it. In my defense, though, I’m new at writing. I’m trying to build a name for myself and the last thing I want to do is alienate someone who may really be interested in my series. I try to be nice, yet firm. “No, I will not send you my picture” should have been enough, yet this person felt begging was a better alternative. Ok, whatever. Again, should have stopped the conversation, but he hadn’t really been rude, just pushy.

And then… the dick pic. What the actual f*ck? Why? Why is sending me a picture of your penis (which, may I add, was very hairy and not all that attractive), going to convince me to send you a picture of myself? Does this actually work, for anyone?

And apparently, it’s not just men. I’ve heard multiple stories of women doing similar things: friend requests from some 25-year-old, super sexy woman who adds you and then immediately wants to offer you sex, or to follow her snap chat, or inviting you to a porn page.

Where did we go wrong? What happened to… I don’t know… talking to someone. Finding out about the person behind the screen, their interests, if they are even interested in you to begin with. When did “no” start to mean “just keep asking”? When did “let me send them an unsolicited picture of my junk” become a good idea?

Take this fun exchange, which happened today and prompted this very blog post. He messaged me a whole 30 seconds after I accepted his request:

Hi (At least this one said hi, so that’s a start)


How are you

Good, thank you. How are you?

I am good too

Are you horny?


Luckily, in this case, once I answered with “No, but if I were I would call my husband”, he didn’t respond again.

Unfortunately, and I hate to admit it, but I’ve started “Facebook profiling” men who friend request me. In my experience, the men who are making these comments and sending pictures are from other parts of the world (what is with Albanian men? Are you all that horny, all the time?). If someone requests me and we don’t have at least a few people in common, I check them as well. It seems these men will just go down one person’s friend list and request any woman they see.

I mean, maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. Maybe I should be flattered. Maybe my Facebook profile is so alluring men cannot help but throw themselves at me, desperate for my attention. Maybe they temporarily lose their minds and, in a mad rush of desire, try to convince me to “choose them” with a picture of their genitalia. Perhaps the dick pic is the human version of a peacock spreading his feathers to attract a mate.

Or, and hear me out. Maybe they’re just being a complete ass.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below, and be sure to follow my newsletter for updates on Stealing Beauty, teasers, and giveaways.

Happy Reading


Hello. My name is Jessica, and I’m a bookaholic.

It started innocently enough. When I was about five I was opened to this whole world of books in what’s known as “the library”. The library is what I consider the marijuana of written word. It seems innocent – nice little ladies helping you to your section, kids in a circle being read the special of the week with their parents watching, everything for free. Psh, it’s just how they get you addicted! “Books aren’t addicting” they tell you, “they’re all natural fun” they lie. (Ok, not a lie, but you’re getting the metaphor.)

When writing erotica gets weird…


I’m known as the no-holds-barred, open to anything, if-you-ask-I’ve-probably-tried-it-once, family member. Sex is no big deal to me. I have it, I love it, I have fun with it. I even had a stint a few years back of working as a consultant for Pure Romance (I highly recommend their products by the way – any questions you’re embarrassed to ask, send them my way!).

My family is mostly the same. The women in my immediate family (including my sisters-in-law) read erotic romance. We share books, favorite authors; my mother and I even watched 50 Shades together. We’re that family. While it would seem (being as open as we are) it was easy to give them each a copy of my novel and tell them to “have at it”; it simply wasn’t the case.

What to do when it’s hard to be thankful.

Halloween is my all-time, nothing-beats-it, absolute favorite holiday of the year. It also happens to fall (get it!) during my favorite time of the year.. Autumn. Falling leaves, the warm yet windy temperature, the colors, the smells, the candy, the witches cackling in the distance… too far? Sorry, sorry, I digress.

Immediately following Halloween is my second favorite holiday. The all-you-can-eat, watch-my-Cowboys, oh-my-God-i’m-dying, no-wait-I-can-still-eat-those-potatoes, day of the year where we all pretend it’s the only day we overindulge. Each year my family sits in a circle and names something we’ve been thankful for the past year.

I’m not going to lie – 2016 has been a shit year for me.

You always remember your first.


I’m so excited to be able to share a part of my world with you. I’ve been working on Stealing Beauty on and off for about a year now, and after lots of editing and reviews, beta reads, late nights and cups of coffee, I am excited to report it’s set for release March 2017!