Author Spotlight: Viviana Mackade

This short and sweet edition of Author Spotlight features the incredible Viviana Mackade. Viv’s most recent novel She Came With the Tide, is featured in The Rocks Stars: Our Songs, currently available on Amazon. 

Welcome Viv! So, one of the most requested questions for authors is what we enjoy reading. Let me ask, was there any particular book which gave you the writing  bug?

It wasn’t one particular book, but how generally a certain type of books made me feel–good. And I said, “Hey, what if I try to write the stories I have in my head? It would be the coolest thing if my characters make other people feel like this.” Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Viviana Mackade”

Those Dark Lips

Happy reading!

(Yes… it’s erotica… be warned)

She stared at herself in the mirror as she added the dark plum to her pink lips. The color was striking against her pale skin; a complete change from her normal crimson shade.

Smacking her lips together, she took one last look at her face, ensuring her makeup was even and blended well. Her cat eye liner and cream color shadow accentuated her green eyes, making them appear larger than normal. She lifted a hand to her hair, loosening the clip to allow her curls to fall down her back. Running her finger through the soft tresses, she applied a last coat of hair spray and sauntered into the bedroom.

As she reached for the dress which hung on the back of her door, her husband walked in, toying with his cuffs.

“Can you clasp these for me…” he stilled when he saw her; in nothing other than her black lace bra and panty set. Coupled with her new lipstick, his gaze made her self-conscious.

“Is it too much?” she asked sheepishly, ready to run back to the bathroom to remove the offending shade.

His eyes narrowed as their pupils dilated. He stalked toward her, his sleeve all but forgotten. He invaded her personal space, pushing her back against the wall as his hand wrapped around her hair.

“On your knees, now.” Her heart fluttered at his command; his tone was not one meant to disobey.

“I need to see those lips wrapped around my cock.”

He unzipped his pants, reaching in to pull himself out. She licked her lips before opening for him, rolling her tongue around his head, tasting the salty drop which had escaped. She took him as far as she could, licking from base back to tip before releasing him with a soft “pop”.

His moans urged her on as she continued to lap and suck, growing wetter as the moments passed. She felt him thicken in her mouth, pulsating as his orgasm neared. When she reached up to cup his balls, the hand in her hair pulled her harder against him. Hand against the wall behind her, he thrust into her waiting mouth. With a grunt, warm liquid spilled down her throat, and she made effort not to spill one drop.

Smiling to herself, she kissed the tip of his cock before leaning back onto her legs. She looked up to catch his hooded gaze. “Fuck, that’s hot,” he huffed, looking at his stiff, wet, shaft.

She shifted her gaze to match his, and noticed it coated with her lipstick. A dark ring around the base was evident, as well as smears running the length of the shaft.

He grasped her chin in his hand as he tilted her head up. “It’s a great color. Reminds me my angel has a wicked side.”

She giggled as she stood. She was about to offer him a towel when she changed her mind. Grabbing onto his shaft one more time, she wrapped her lips around the head, just under his ridge. When she removed them, another perfect plum ring remained.

“Keep it there all night,” she purred. “I want to come home and see myself still around you.”

He kissed her forehead as he adjusted himself back into his pants. She clasped his cuff-link and donned her dress and heels, just before fixing her smeared lips. Hand in hand, they walked into the night.



Introducing the HOTTEST new erotica publisher.

Welcome, Deep Desires Press!!

Hello 2017!

Is there anything better than starting a brand new year with a brand new steamy erotica? I think not!

Guaranteed to warm up the winter nights, Deep Desires Press has officially launched, keeping their primary focus on QUALITY in the erotica genre, not quantity.

What does this mean? Well dear readers, finally there’s a publishing company dedicated to bringing you only the newest, steamiest, most well-written works they could find. After all, there’s nothing worse than beginning a novel and recognizing poor (or just plain non-existent) editing – or a story line which half way through completely loses it’s focus. Amiright?

In addition to quality novels, DDP is also striving to ensure there is a sub-genre for everyone -including MF, MM, FF, Trans-,and Bi- stories, and a mixture of dark and light themes. Fantasy, comedic horror, and FemDom novels are slated for later in the year as well.

Visit their webpage at and join their mailing list for updates. The first four books are featured below!

Happy Reading~

Give to You – Sonni De Soto
Something New – Carla Atherstone
Pitch Perfect – Gemma Stone
Pulse – Shady Grace





Author Spotlight: Erinn Ellender Quinn

I’m never one to turn down an epic swashbuckler tale. (I’m also never one to not fantasize about Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow but hey, I know I’m not alone there.) So, in the spirit of all things pirate, today I’m featuring Ms. Erinn Ellender Quinn and her latest saga, Touch the Wind.

Hello Erinn, and welcome. So I’ve heard you have a very Star-Wars-esque plan for the release of your novels. Is this true?

Touch the Wind is a seven-book series, and I actually released Book 2 first. Ride the Wind was a paranormal historical set in Tidewater Maryland, removed from the action of the other books.  Touch the Wind is its prequel. Books 3-7 are its sequels. I hope to have releases with this series every other month, alternating with my Nia Farrell releases. Books 3 and 4 are written.  Books 5-7 are still in my head.

Wow… two pen names, at least 14 novels, you’re making my head spin! Let’s stick to the novel at hand, Touch the Wind. What’s this one about? Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Erinn Ellender Quinn”

Author Spotlight: BJ Neblett

Welcome readers! In honor of the upcoming holiday, I’ve decided to give you an additional spotlight today! I have on my blog author BJ Neblett and his memoir, Ice Cream Camelot. 

Ice Cream Camelot depicts BJ’s experiences growing up during the Kennedy Administration. Tice-creamhe world and all of its problems and challenges are seen through the eyes of an eleven year old and his friends, exploring how those historic times changed and molded them. It has received terrific reviews and has been called the ‘60’s Catcher In The Rye.

So excited to have you on, BJ. Would you talk a bit about your journey into writing?

I’ve been into writing in some way or another. In grade school I would write crazy space alien stories during Composition Time. My first poetry was published in Encounter: An Anthology Of Modern Poetry while I was still in high school.

That’s quite a title. Where do you draw inspiration from? Continue reading “Author Spotlight: BJ Neblett”

Author Spotlight: Eve Barrett

Today’s Author Spotlight features Eve Barrett, author of It’s Complicated: Confessions of a Modern Day Cinderella. Very intriguing title. Care to elaborate on what to expect from the novel?

The perfect form of escapism. A light-hearted, humorous read with hints of romance and a lot of awkward situation.

Talk about a way to whet an appetite! Can you tell me more?

Self-proclaimed social outcast, Anna, shares her adventures (sometimes misadventur51bkcuzmjel-_sy346_es) and her attempts to live a perfectly normal life with her housemate Sarah in a gorgeous flat in South Kensington only to be disturbed by occasional late night flower deliveries by regretful admirers, invitations to questionable parties, and uninvited guests who look too good to bear.

Anna soon meets the likes of David and Gina, questionable elements she can’t quite put her finger on, who have taken on the new hobby of trying to ruin her completely.

Oh, and let’s not forget James who almost runs Anna over with his car and is at the centre of all this chaos.

P.S. There’s London highlife we’re forgetting and they really don’t take well to being so blatantly ignored…it really became one gigantic mess! Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Eve Barrett”

Author Spotlight: Timothy Gager

As you know, this month I’m running a special feature entitled “Author Spotlight”. Today I’m showcasing Timothy Gager, the author of Grand Slams: A Coming of Age Story. 


Armed with a wonderfully cheeky webpage, his novel has received excellent praise.

“Timothy Gager brings his uniquely comic and inventive intelligence to this endearing story about a handful of ne’er do wells, misfits, and wounded souls with names like Dye-haired Bob and Kayak Kenny, all of whom are trapped in an unrelenting eddy of work, overdue bills, and misconstrued love at Grand Slams restaurant in Massachusetts. At the center is Sugar, a beautiful, smart young woman who has tried, unsuccessfully, to dull the pain of living with sexual escapism and excessive cocaine use. Even as you are laughing out loud, there’s a deeper wisdom that infuses even the most unsavory characters in this tale told in brisk vignettes. Gager’s memorable novel blends sardonic humor with compassion.”

~ Jessica Keener, author of the national bestselling novel, Night Swim

I always like to start with the same question for my authors. How did you discover your passion for writing?

Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Timothy Gager”