First Encounter

Th17197842_1623084741038373_447518380_nis week’s quickie is provided by one of the HOTTEST erotica authors I’ve encountered. Seriously, each “Random Thought” really revs my engine. I’m talking, of course, about CJ Cassidy.

With an intense following of loyal readers, CJ knows how to tease. Read below for a sampling of his style, and check out his novel, The Tortured Soul Trilogy of Pain and Pleasure. 

“Very well then… Do you understand the rules as I have explained them?”


“…And you’re going to abide by these rules?”


“Yes ‘what’…?”

“Yes Nicky…”

Nick stood up and unbuckled his belt. “Yes ‘what’…?”

Katherine eyes widened. “Yes… Nick…?” Nick slowly slid his belt off by the buckle and held it in his hand and let it swing slowly as it dangled. Katherine watched the belt. She had no idea what he wanted her to say. Her heart pounded. Nick folded the belt in half and snapped it until it made a very loud pop. Katherine was startled. “Yes… daddy?” Katherine stammered. Nick pulled out the chair away from his dining room table and sat down.

“Now… come here…” And he motioned for her to come to the side where he held the folded belt. Katherine stood up and hesitated. Nick snapped the belt on his thigh. “NOW!”

“Yes daddy!” Katherine sheepishly walked to him and stood where he pointed to and she stood there with her back to him. Her ass was close to his face and the belt in his hand. She smoothed out her pants. Nick reached over and fondled and squeezed her ass. Katherine moaned.

“Turn around and kneel down please…”

“Yes daddy…” And she did as she was told. Katherine started to shake. Nick took her arm with his left and laid her across his lap. Katherine whimpered.

“Pull down your pants please…”

“Yes daddy…” Slowly she grabbed the waistline of her pants from behind her and shimmied out of them, revealing her soft, round bottom. Katherine was wearing white silk panties with a lace trim. Katherine’s ass twitched in anticipation. Nick paused and waited a moment to let Katherine consider what was about to happen. As she shivered in Nick’s lap, Nick hiked up her panties to reveal more of her tender flesh. Katherine cooed as the panties tightened on her crotch.

“Do I have your undivided attention, young lady?”

“Yes daddy…”

“I don’t believe that I do…” And Nick raised the belt and it made a sharp smack on her buttocks. Katherine inhaled deeply from the sting of the belt. She bit her lip and sighed.

“Ohhh…! My…!” Katherine then arched her back raising her ass just a little higher. Katherine purred. Nick hesitated and Katherine became a little impatient. “May I have another… daddy?”

“Yes you may…” And pulled on the waist of her panties giving her a tighter wedgie and Nicholas hit her with the belt again. Katherine cooed and purred.

“Ohh… may I please… have another… daddy?” And Nicholas struck her again and again. Katherine writhed and gyrated with every stroke. In between some strokes he would stop to fondle her ass until she would relax and coo a bit, then he would suddenly strike her again. Katherine felt as if she was on a rollercoaster with no idea when the next thrill would come. She had never experienced anything like this in her life. From where they were positioned Nick was able to reach the kitchen table and he stuck his left thumb into the open jar of jelly and placed his sweetened thumb into Katherine’s open mouth. Katherine sucked his thumb voraciously, licking and sucking the jelly off his thumb with every stroke of the belt.

“Bad girl… bad, bad girl!” Suddenly Katherine pulled his thumb out of his mouth and shuddered violently. She began to breathe in short quick breaths. And then she let out a high-pitched squeal. By the time Katherine came, her ass was a bright red. “That’s gonna leave a mark…” Nick said; Katherine giggled. Nick grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and stood her up. He stood up and while still controlling her he bent her over the back of the chair. “Take your pants off and then put your hands on the back of the chair…” Katherine complied. Nick went and got the ice pack, now mostly melted and gently massaged Katherine’s exposed ass with it. Katherine jumped a bit when the cold bag touched her, but it began to soothe her. The water that had formed outside the bag trickled down her legs. Nick reached between her legs and fondled her clit.

“Ahhhh ha…” Katherine cooed.

“You’re all wet… let me get you a towel.”

For more of CJ, be sure to pick up his novel, The Tortured Soul Trilogy of Pain and Pleasure on Amazon today.

Is it sexually graphic? Yes! Is it heartbreaking? Yes! Will you cheer when the ‘villain’ get’s theirs? Yes! Will you cry? Yes! Will you laugh? Yes! Will you become aroused by these women’s stark, raw, non-holds barred sexual encounters…?

Well… Get a glass of wine, light a scented candle, snuggle under your covers and we’ll see where the night takes you!


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