I’ve been slacking, and I’m sorry

Hello lovelies,

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in almost a month! WTF! It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks for me and I have fallen off the “one post a week” Ferris Wheel I’d been riding for a while.

Firstly, I have another surgery on Tuesday. Those of you who have been following my fertility journey (and thank you all for the emails – you have all been so incredibly sweet I cannot even fathom!) already know, but I have to have a Fallopian tube removed. My most recent pregnancy was ectopic and it seems the methotrexate hadn’t cleared all the tissue. Booo.

On top of that, my parent’s are moving in to our home for a while. It will now be me, my husband, my parents, 2 dogs, and a cat all under one roof (with one shower – please, love, fix our master shower!!!), for at least 3 months. I like to say we’re prepared. We aren’t.

And finally – and completely, totally, most excitingly; Stealing Beauty is set for release March 28th! I have a cover reveal coming on March 6th to share with everyone plus some additional content. Yay!!

With all of this happening, I am going to remain busy for some time. So, I have an offer for  you all. I’m looking for some help through guest posts. I’m looking to add to my “quickie” collection – short, erotic stories to get the *juices* flowing. I’d like to post a quickie a week, and so anyone who is interested in guest posting please let me know. You’ll get acknowledged here, on Facebook (including a personal, fan, and group page), and on Twitter.

Nervous about writing erotica? Don’t be. If it’s sexy to you, it’s sexy to others. If you want, I can also review/edit.

So… send some stories my way. Looking forward to hearing what excites you all.

Happy Reading (and writing)




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