Author Spotlight: SM Stryker

Today I’m featuring Erotic Romance author, SM Stryker. So, tell me a bit about your journey into writing. I’ve heard it was quite the story.

Yes, well, I grew up in a small country town, in an abusive home until I left at the age of eighteen. I struggled trying to find my place in the world, from one tragic situation into another. I always believed things happen for a reason and knew that one day I would understand why. I finally did when I found my husband and was blessed with four beautiful daughters.

Wow… sounds like a soap opera! You’ve used your story as inspiration for your writings, correct?

Yes. Although I never thought I would start writing, I knew my life would make for one hell of a story, but finding or making the time to write was always the issue. In April of 2014, I sat down in front of my computer and started to write. Through lots of tears, I wrote my first book, Stolen Innocence, as a way to exercise the demons of my past. From there I was hooked and have shared more about the events of my life through many of my other books. These titles include: Never Forgotten Love, Loving Redemption, Anchored to Love, Never Expected Love, Sacrifice of love and The Locket. I’ve found now I have time to write, it’s my outlet – my sanctuary – and in every book, I write there is always part of me written into it.


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