Author Spotlight: Jennifer Bowers

So this is a first on my blog – today I have an author of poetry, JAnn Bowers. JAnn has a collection of over 1000 poems (and counting). Today I’m featuring two of her new releases, Illusions of Love and She’s Gone… Broken. Battered, & Bruised. 

Welcome JAnn! Tell me a bit about your journey into writing. 

I started writing as a teen very privately but never kept what I wrote. Then my mother passed away and life went on until ten years ago when my youngest son was born and my marriage was in the beginning stage of failing – I turned back to writing. I wrote my first poem in years and haven’t stopped. I first published in 2013 but by 2015, I had to stop to take care of my second daughter due to complications with her pregnancy.

And here you are, coming back with your two new releases, Illusions of Love and She’s Gone… Broken, Battered & Bruised. Where do you draw your inspirations from?  Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Jennifer Bowers”