Win the Stone Series Trilogy by Renee Harless

Stone Shattered (Book 1)

When a chance meeting thrusts captivating and alluring Alex Stone into Mallory Winston’s life, she knows that her boring world has been flipped on its axis. From his first electric touch, Mallory finds herself risking all she’s known to spend her nights in the arms of this domineering stranger.

Alex realizes that Mallory is his match in every way. From her beauty and innocence to her inner strength, Alex finds himself wanting to share more than their strong physical connection.  She quickly becomes his obsession.

Their passionate and all-consuming affair takes them both for a whirlwind, bringing forth emotions neither were prepared for, but as Mallory and Alex learn to explore their relationship on a deeper level, unforeseen circumstances threaten to tear them apart.

He takes her body. She gives him her heart.


Stone Unhinged (Book 2)

For months Mallory Winston lived in fear. Desperate for an escape, Mallory agrees to pursue a job in Europe, bringing her closer to the one man she couldn’t have.
Or so she thought.

When a misunderstanding threatens to crush what little trust Mallory has remaining, can Alex prove that he is more than just her dominate; that he is the love of her life?

Stone Mended (Book 3)

How much more pain can love take?

Mallory and Alex Stone will soon find the answer to that question as someone puts incriminating pictures of their romance in the tabloids; pictures that expose their dominate and submissive relationship. When that isn’t enough to destroy their love, the mysterious pursuer decides that ending their lives is the only way.

Will the couple’s wedding vows end before they reach their happily-ever-after?


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Morgan Family Series – J.L. Leslie

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You read it right. Author J.L. Leslie is offering as a special gift to you the chance to win the first 3 books in the Morgan Family Series. Each novel contains a HEA and can be read as a standalone novel. The final book in the series, 120 days, is set for release in early 2017.



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