Author Spotlight: Brickley Jules

Hello darlings! 

Today I’m featuring the talented Brickley Jules, who has a new MC novel out, Vested In Her. Have a thing for MC books? Don’t we all. Here’s a blurb to whet your appetite:

Small town biker princess Haven Mercedes Johnson wants to live a normal life, but she’s relentlessly protected by her father and his crazy right-hand man who will do anythingBrickley to keep her under his thumb. With the help of an ex, Haven escapes the confines of the club, and after one last wild night, she eagerly sets off to start a new life. After being on the run for days, she’s taken under the wing of a kind woman named Ruby, and with her help, Haven disappears.

Riker Davis will do anything to earn a vest and become a member in Chrome Thunder, a prestigious motorcycle club. His chances are bleak until Haven, the club leader’s daughter, runs away. As a prospect, Riker is tasked to finding her, and he agrees, determined to do anything to earn a vest, including finding a woman who doesn’t want to be brought home.

Haven thinks she’s in the clear until Riker walks into the diner where she works, and her old life boomerangs back at her. Now she must choose, go back to her old life and give Riker what he wants, a vest in her father’s club, or give him up and keep the life she’s always dreamed of.

Thanks for the blurb, Brickley! Tell us a little bit about yourself as an author. How did you get involved in writing?

I had joined a book club which morphed into a review website. One of the ladies commented on my reviews and told me I should be a writer. Three months later I started writing my first novel which isn’t published.

Wow. That must have made you feel confident, hearing the positive feedback from others. Any particular authors you consider favorites?

The historical writer, Eloisa James, Lindsay J. Pryor, Jamie Farrell…I could go on and on with my all time favorites. Vania Rheault, Lexi Miles, Charlotte Cowan, Renee Stanley, and Renee Linda are some of my newer favorites.

It’s hard to pick favorites, trust me, I get it. What about a particular book – anything help push your writing bug along?

I would have to say no but every great one I read makes me want to write tighter.

You mentioned the first novel you wrote isn’t published yet, where is it now?

The very first story I ever wrote is tucked away in my Grans drawer somewhere. But the first story I wrote after the book club is still being edited and considered for publishing. It’s a romantic paranormal story about two hearts from different worlds trying to make it in one.

Can you tell us a bit more about your novels? What’s your writing style, generally?

Formally blunt and unashamedly realistic!

Vested In Her is in my illicit romance category of writing, it features a third person point of view that falls in the M/F subcategory. While it’s a biker romance, it focuses more on the unspoken side of the MC community, the ladies.  It is a stand alone biker romance with a HEA ending.

Her Unexpected Life is in my passionate category of writing, it also features a third person POV and falls into the M/F subcategory. I would consider it Women’s Fiction. This one is a stand alone chick lit romance with a HEA ending.

It sounds like your comfortable with different genres of writing. Where does your inspiration come from?

A lot of my ideas come from vivid dreams that come to me at night and stick with me the next day. Both Vested In Her and Her Unexpected Life came to me this way.

Good for you, remembering your dreams! I have vivid book/movie dreams and then forget them. Just the other week I was reading a book I wrote, and woke up completely forgetting everything!! With such vivid dreams, I imagine you have a great visual for yourself of your characters – which celebrity would you choose as the lead?

Haven, from Vested In Her, could be played by Kat Dennings and Valerie, From Her Unexpected Life, could be played by Reece Witherspoon.

Great inspirations. If you could meet any fictional character for a drink, who would it be and why?

If I could choose any fictional character I think I would choose Deadpool. I really enjoy honest humor with a side of whit.

The Ryan Reynolds factor helps too. (A total aside – I’m a bit obsessed with Deadpool. Love the comics and Ryan plays him perfectly!) What’s the oddest thing you’ve had to research for writing?

Myths and legends about water people. There are some out there that make you wonder.

With the release of Vested In Her, did you jump right into additional novels or  did you take some time off?

I took some time away to enjoy my accomplishment and then delved back into writing. I have more unpublished manuscripts than one person should. I’m good at completing NANOWRIMO but bad at picking the works back up to edit them.

I have finished writing book two in the Treasures of Briarton (the book after Her Unexpected Life) series but it needs editing. And I have started writing book two in the Chrome Thunder series (the book after Vested In Her) but the main character refuses to talk to me right now.

I hate when that happens. My drunken slut of a muse up and left me a few weeks ago, lol! What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made as an author?

Jumping into picking an editor. I needed a line editor to help me with plot but I picked more of a copy editor. I also needed that but I needed plot and scene help right after I jumped back into writing.

Any advice for novice writers?

Write. Write. And then write some more. A finished manuscript will always wait on you to edit it but an unfinished story will just hang over your head.

Thank you so much Brickley for stopping by!

If you’re interested in picking up Vested In Her, an MC novel by Brickley Jones, you can purchase themby visiting:


And be sure to visit Brickley’s on Goodreads

Until next time, loves

~Happy Reading






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