Author Spotlight: K.L. Roth

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I know, I know. I said I was going to be on more frequently and then 3 weeks pass with silence. What can I say? A LOT has happened in a short time frame. I’ll fill you all in, but today I have an amazing Author Spotlight from the sexy erotica author, K.L. Roth. I’ve learned this is her first author interview, so I’ll be sure to be gentle with her. This time 😉

Welcome! I promised I’d go slow, so let’s ease into the questions, shall we? Tell me a bit about your writing journey. 

I started writing when R. L Weeks asked me to co-write Royal Lies with her. I was excited beyond words. I started as a personal assistant to many authors, R. L Weeks among them, then skipped off to writing. The Fallen is another book R. L Weeks and I wrote together. It’s available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited right now.

I love R. L. Weeks’ work. She also has a Fairy Tale series, which is obviously a genre-love of mine considering I’ve written one as well! Other than R. L., who are some of your favorite authors?

Pepper Winters, J.A. Huss, Aleatha Romig and E. K Blair. Pepper Winters’ Indebted Series gave me the “bug” for writing.

It’s always wonderful when I hear authors finding inspiration from other authors. Where else do you draw writing inspiration?

I find my dreams very inspiring. When I do My dreams are extremely vivid, so much sometimes that when I wake I have to make sure it was a dream.

I hear you on the lack of sleep, lol! Speaking of dreams… which fictional character would you want to have a drink with, and why?

J.A. Huss’s Ford. He is super intelligent and has some mean computer hacking skills.

Ok, ok, enough about everyone else. We know R.L. Weeks helped convince you to write, but what about solo works?

Howl for Me was slated to be my first book by myself. It will be releasing sometime in May. Right now I’m shooting for 5/15. However, thing have changed with Royal Lies and R.L. Weeks

How did you celebrate your first published novel?

My husband took me out for dinner to my favorite Thai restaurant.

Sounds delicious, and well deserved! Even though you’re a “newer” author, I have no doubt you’ve, like the rest of us, have done Google searches on topics you never dreamed about before! What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to research thus far?

I have done a ton of research for Royal Lies. I would have to say the weirdest of them all so far would be what they call the long shirts women wear under their gowns in the 15th century.  They are called houppelande. How ridiculous is that name?

Almost as ridiculous as having to wear them, lol! Speaking of difficult things… what’s the hardest part of being an author for you?

I’d have to say the hardest part is lack of sleep. I’ve been off work due to a surgery since December but I’ve been so busy writing. I stay up late and sleep when my son is in school.

Such a busy bee you are! Make sure you get some time for you! (I know, it’s the counselor in me). So for those who don’t know you yet, how would you describe your writing style?

My style is a bit of everything. I love to write historical since my favorite shows and movies all revolve around kings and queens. I read it all therefore I want to write it all.

Currently I have 2 paranormal romances – both will become a series – and 1 historical romance series. I am rewriting Howl for Me, a shifter Ménage that will also become a series. I get involved with the characters and put myself in their shoes so there will always be more than one book to the majority of books I am working on.

Sounds awesome. You’re a bit into every genre already. What drew you to the idea of Royal Lies?

Royal Lies was R. L Weeks idea. Together we forged a story line and went from there. We write very well together and easily come up with great ideas for our characters. Royal Lies is a mixture of The Tudors and Reign. Two shows we both love.

With such a great collaboration, I’m sure Royal Lies will be an instant best-seller. Any fun facts about this book?

I actually witnessed a Pagan initiation ritual in order to get the facts correct for the book.

Wow. That prompts so many questions… but I’ll ask you privately about those, haha. I’m a “visual” creature myself, so in thinking of your main characters for Royal Lies, who would you choose to play them?

Alice, I’d love to see Dakota Fanning portray. James, I’d have to go with Alex Pettyfor and Elle Adelaide Kane from Reign.

I love Alex Pettyfor! Ok, what’s one movie adaption of a book that you cannot stand, and why?

I know I’m going to get some bad comments for this, but I’m being honest. Fifty Shades of Grey…the movies so far have not given the book much credit. No use of items from the Red Room of Pain and no sex scenes. As soon as it gets steamy on screen, they cut it out. The whole point of the book is the sex and relationship the two have together and how it changes the two of them.

Trust me, no hate here. I have problems with both the movie and the novel of 50 Shades! What’s next for K.L. Roth? 

I have a few anthologies and two box sets I am working on with several other authors and a new series of my own.

With such a busy schedule, does anything get in your way of writing?

Cartoons on tv. I sit on the loveseat with my laptop and listen to music so when my S/O is watching cartoons, I have to watch. I love them.

Those pesky S/O’s throwing our game off! I feel ya. Mine likes to watch my favorite movies just as I sit down to write, lol. Any big mistakes you feel you’ve made in your writing career thus far?

Howl for Me was rushed to meet the deadline and I had writer’s block so bad. I am working on re-writing now to make it a full novel. I learned my lesson on rushing.

Sounds like some good advice there on taking your time. I hate deadlines for the same reason. Sometimes the book comes out less organic. Any advice for novice authors?

Talk to other authors. Most of us don’t bite and we are more than happy to help you out. Take time with your stories and build your characters carefully. Find a good editor and make your covers shine.

I agree 100%. We’ve heard about writing Royal Lies, and you’ve whet my appetite. Can you give us the blurb from the novel?

Royal Lies
Book #1 of The Royals Series 17909318_1502647196425960_792092796_n

James is about to get everything he ever wanted. He’s about to become the next of King of England. He’s engaged to rich Lady Alice, and England has never been wealthier.
He’s about to get it all until everything shatters around him.

The palace is stalked by demons from his past, hiding in the shadows, waiting.
Deadly truths are etched onto the portraits of the late queen who was beheaded, taking a secret to her grave that would change everything.

As he takes on the role of being the most powerful man in England, he realizes that everyone is hiding secrets, the noblemen are pulling strings, and he can’t even keep his sister under control.

When he finds out the truth, how far will he go to hold onto his crown?

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk about yourself and your novels!

Thank you for having me. Love to all!!

Want a copy of Royal Lies? Buy it today!


Happy Reading


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