Author Spotlight – Whitley Cox

This week’s Author Spotlight features the contemporary erotic romance author, Whitley Cox. I met Whitley through Facebook and I have to say her blurbs and excerpts are always sizzling! She has an amazing library of works coming out throughout 2017 including titles such as Hot and Filthy, Hard Hart, Hot Dad, and more. Her books are easy to read, take you through a wide range of emotions, and include everything from beginner kink, to comedy, and even some darkness. (Be sure to check out all the links after the interview.)

Thanks for stopping by, Whitley! I always like to start with hearing how  you began your journey into writing. 

From early on the very first thing I ever wanted to be when I was growing up was “a writer.” I was always that kid waving their hand in class wanting to read her work, much to the chagrin of the other children. But was told that writers don’t make any money, so I spent my childhood bouncing around from one career idea to the next, marine biologist, lawyer, therapist, engineer etc. I started my undergraduate degree as an English major, but I didn’t like the constraints that the professors put on me and didn’t really see a future career in getting a creative writing degree, so I switched my major to psychology and graduated with a B.A. in psych. I’d still love to go back and get my masters in family counseling (that’s the ten-year plan). My husband and I went backpacking for six months for our honeymoon, we went to twelve countries, and during that time I read a lot. I read some great books and I read some not so great books. And it was these “not so great” books that caused the plot bunnies in my head to start hopping. When we came home and started life again I started writing, and the obsession was born.

I completely understand the bouncing around. I actually started out wanting to be a veterinarian, then a lawyer and ended up in Psychology as well before writing on the side! Your honeymoon sounds amazing. With such a diverse background of experiences, where do you draw your inspirations from?

Everywhere and anything. A lot of the conversations, situations or events have happened to me or my friends. So many text messages in a few of my later books are weird text messages I’ve had with my friends or husband. Movies, songs and other books are also great inspiration, they help to get the creative juices flowing.

I love that. It means the conversations of your characters are going to be realistic. Do you have any favorite authors?

Sylvia Day, Diana Gabaldon, Cindy Gerard, Rebecca Zanetti, Stephen Clarke, George R.R. Martin, Stephanie Bond.

Was there any particular book which gave you the writing bug?

To be perfectly honest (I know people are going to hate me for saying this) it was Fifty Shades of Grey. I read all three twice each (what else is there to do when you’re on a twenty-nine-hour bus from Laos to Vietnam and you finish the third book and find out there is still sixteen hours of travel left? You pick up the first and start over). I didn’t particularly care for the female heroine in the book. Yes, she was young, but she was also overly naïve and kind of stupid. And the fact that she had her very first orgasm solely from nipple stimulation irked me something fierce, so I said, “I can write better than this,” and came home and started writing. Now, whether it’s better is up to the readers, but I wanted to write something more realistic. But, as much as I didn’t care for the books, yes they were hot, and made for one hell of an adventurous honeymoon, I have to give props where they are due. The books have paved the way for my genre and they are what sparked my need to write.

Trust me, I had the exact same feeling. The premise of those books were great but there were so many decisions made which I found not just annoying, but almost made me as a reader feel like I had been thought of as just as naive. So now that we know which fictional character you don’t like, which fictional character would you like to have a drink with, and why?

Hmmm…that’s a good question. There are so many to choose from. Probably Claire Fraser from Outlander because, what a life, what a story. Cersei from Game of Thrones (I know she’s bad, but I’d love to pick her brain about living the life of a pariah), and probably Jean Luc Piccard from Star Trek The Next Generation, because I LOVE Patrick Stewart and even being around his fictional character would be the thrill of a lifetime.

What was the first story you ever wrote, and what became of it?

I think it was in Grade 5 about my stuffed animals and how they came to life and got up to mischief in the house. Either my mum has it or I do in big box somewhere.

Lol! The idea of animals coming to life is what those of us in psychology realm would call a collective belief! When you sold your first piece of writing, how did you celebrate?

Well, I decided (not sure why) to put my first release date as my daughter’s 2nd birthday, so we celebrated with cake and cuddles and singing and opening presents.

Sounds perfect. While as a writer there are a number of good parts – meeting fans, the joy when others’s enjoy our work – there’s also a lot of difficulty many don’t realize. For, you, what’s the hardest part of being an author?

Time management. There is never enough time. I have all these plot bunnies I want to get down, new WIP’s (work-in-progress) and yet so much of my time is spent doing the business side or editing a book.

Has there been anything exceptionally strange in any  of your research for your writings?

Sex scenes, particularly menage. When I get a scene or position in my head I end up having to watch a lot of porn to make sure it’s plausible. Sometimes it’s not doable and I wind up changing the scene. A few BDSM scenes and how things I haven’t tried myself might feel or work. I’ll read blogs or forums or testimonials of positions, toys etc that people have used and their experiences and then incorporate that into my writing.

As a fellow erotic author, I can attest to the amount of pornography I’ve had to view to get something right, lol! How would you describe your writing style?

I’m a quilter. I start at the beginning and then when the writer’s block hits I’ll skip forward and write another scene and then piece them together later.

My books are all written in first person past from the perspective of the heroine, however the prologue is from the perspective of the hero and how they meet. That is the only time you’re in his head, the rest of the time you’re in hers.

All my books are HEA and M/F, though some books have M/F/F and one has M/M/F, but they’re menage scenes where the couple goes and picks someone up, they’re not menage relationships.

You have quite a diverse catalogue! What drew you to the idea of your novel, Sex, Heat, and Hunger (The Dark and Damaged Heart Series)?

Although this is my third published book, this was the first book I wrote. I wanted to write a book that didn’t gloss over the grittier side of sex. I wanted to write a book that told you to go pee after sex, where the woman didn’t always orgasm and sometimes sex was interrupted. I wanted to write a book where things in the bedroom could go awry, they had to work at being the perfect fit and when things didn’t go smoothly the couple laughed about it. I wanted relatability, I wanted life and reality to be embraced.

Give me a fun fact about this book.

There are two scenes in this book couplet (both sexual) that were derived completely from real life. One of them involves a canoe!

Lol. I guarantee if I tried to have sex in a canoe we’d end up in the water! I’m a huge fan of visuals – which actress/actors would portray the lead characters of your book?

Rosie Huntington-Whitely  for Emma and Michael Fassbender for James. There is a twelve-year age gap between the characters so Michael would work.

I’ve found more models in stock photos that would make a perfect James than I have actors. Patrick seems the closest, though he doesn’t seem alpha enough…I’m not too sure. Tough question.

I understand. We get a picture in our head and it’s difficult to find someone to fit exactly. Is there one movie adaption of a book which absolutely drives you bonkers, and why.

I’m not too sure, I mean as attractive as he is Jamie Dornan is not my Christian Grey, so…

Me either!! I always thought Ian Somerhalder would be better. Have you had any odd fan encounters?

No. I’ve only been published for a two months. Nobody knows who I am. Ha-ha.

Well, hopefully this interview will help expose you to a new fanbase! What is your writing Kryptonite?

When I’m having a tough time in life my writing suffers. When I’m having a bad day, my hubby and I are arguing or my kid is being fussy I can’t focus and my writing is complete crap. My mood is my kryptonite.

Is there anything you’re currently working on now?

My first third-person POV (and of course I had to make it difficult on myself and have six main characters…) and it’s a Christmas erotic romance. A bit tamer than what I normally write, 3-4 flame rather than 4-5, and with no real dark elements, more whimsy and the spirit of Christmas with sex and romance woven in.

Wow, really getting ahead for the season. You’re a better woman than I, haha. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made as a writer?

I’ve made a few. Personal blog posts that riled people up, poorly chosen (and money spent) promo deals, writing books that are so long they’ll cost over a $1000 to get professionally edited… Lots of mistakes.

It sounds like you’ve been properly hazed as an author! Any advice you would give to aspiring authors?

Don’t stop writing. With every book, you will get better.

Whitley, thank you so much for stopping by. I cannot wait to read more of your novels – lastly, is there anything else you would want your readers to know?

My brand is: For the Curious Kink in all of Us so I write for the everyday woman. Nothing in my books will ever send you or your partner to the ER. It’s all just about stepping outside of your comfort zone to spice things up in the bedroom. As I like to say, it’s just regular, everyday people doing filthy things to one another.

Thank you again for stopping by! As I mentioned above, Whitley has a LOT coming out this year. Her list of upcoming releases are as follows:

Upcoming releases 

Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 2

Lust Abroad

Hot and Filthy

Hard Hart

True, Deep and Forever: Part 1

True, Deep and Forever: Part 2

Snowed in and Set up

Hot Dad

Blurb for Sex, Heat, and Hunger Part 1 – The Dark and Damaged Hearts Series.

He was her addiction; she was his everything…

Emma Everly is ready for her happily ever after. James Shaw doesn’t know happiness. But Emma knows that there is more to the brilliant and sexy millionaire project developer. Yearning to experience the world of pleasure that James is offering her, with no strings and no future, Emma agrees to the parameters of his proposition. No love, just sex —and lots of it. After only one weekend, Emma feels her heart begin to bind to the man, and she knows she needs more, only James’ walls are up and he remains guarded and distant. He’s hiding something. As Emma falls hard and fast into his intoxicating world of sex and passion she fears that her own checkered past and James’ secrets may be what’s keeping their happily ever after just beyond their grasp

Want more? Buy it today!

Barnes and Noble




If you want to know more about Whitley, you can find her through the following links:


Her Website







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