Author Spotlight: Erinn Ellender Quinn

I’m never one to turn down an epic swashbuckler tale. (I’m also never one to not fantasize about Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow but hey, I know I’m not alone there.) So, in the spirit of all things pirate, today I’m featuring Ms. Erinn Ellender Quinn and her latest saga, Touch the Wind.

Hello Erinn, and welcome. So I’ve heard you have a very Star-Wars-esque plan for the release of your novels. Is this true?

Touch the Wind is a seven-book series, and I actually released Book 2 first. Ride the Wind was a paranormal historical set in Tidewater Maryland, removed from the action of the other books.  Touch the Wind is its prequel. Books 3-7 are its sequels. I hope to have releases with this series every other month, alternating with my Nia Farrell releases. Books 3 and 4 are written.  Books 5-7 are still in my head.

Wow… two pen names, at least 14 novels, you’re making my head spin! Let’s stick to the novel at hand, Touch the Wind. What’s this one about?

Christiana Delacorte’s father is languishing in prison.  Accused of desertion and piracy, he’s being held without trial while the British and French fight over who will hang him.  Determined to rescue him, Christiana approaches the one man she knows who might help: her father’s old friend Justin Vallé, the object of her adolescent fantasies, her first, most terrible unrequited love, when he was a prize for any woman and she sailed disguised as a boy.  She can only pray that the French privateer doesn’t recognize her as the child who marked his face for life.

Mistaking her for a prostitute, Vallé fulfills her heart’s desire but shatters the mood by offering payment, forcing her to reveal her identity as well as her purpose.  Vallé agrees to break her father out of prison, but his price is the gold she’s brought and her willing presence in his bed.

Justin has suffered a woman’s betrayal, and Christiana has lived most of her life in deceit.  But there are forces at play beyond their reckoning, unseen enemies, and time is running out.  The success of their mission—and any chance of a future—depends on whether they can learn to trust each other…before it’s too late….

 Take me way back, before you became the dynamo you are now. How did you get interested in writing?

I wrote my first time-travel in junior high and sold my first magazine article in high school.  I didn’t do much with my writing until I was a stay-at-home mother who read voraciously when time allowed.  I started writing romance at my husband’s suggestion.

Where do you draw your inspirations from? 

I’m an armchair historian and amateur genealogist.  (Ellender is a family name.  I have two ancestresses named Ellender) There’s always something to grab my interest and fire my imagination.  For example, I’m a direct descendant of Mayflower Pilgrim Stephen Hopkins, who inspired the character of Stefano in Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.  One of my distant Mercer cousins is an astronaut and test pilot who did Maverick’s stunt flying in the movie Top Gun.  Either one of them could inspire a fictional novel.

What an amazing family history. With such a rich background I have to wonder when it comes to this calling, who are your favorite authors?

That’s worse than picking a favorite movie.  I’m a multi-genre reader and writer, mostly erotic romance and sultry historical romance.  Paranormal elements are a plus.

Understandable. Let’s narrow the field a bit. Was there any particular book which gave you the writing bug?

Kathleen Woodiwiss’s The Wolf and the Dove remains a favorite historical romance.

With your backgrounds in multiple genres, including romance, paranormal, and historical, I imagine you’re search engines are invaluable. What’s the strangest thing you had to research for your writings?  

My search engine is full of the strange and unusual, including 18th century French dildos and 19th century rectal dilators

Well, you can never call yourself dull. Aside from the extensive research, what do you find to be the part of being an author? 

Time.  There are never enough hours in the day to do everything I hope to accomplish.

Do you have any downtime at all, to say, watch a movie?

My time is too limited to watch any movies other than ones I’m certain to like.

I can imagine. On the subject of awful movies, what is one movie adaption of a book which you just can’t stand.

Of the ones I’ve watched, Interview with the Vampire.  Sorry, but Lestat was a blond god of a man.  Tom Cruise, not so much.

No, but Brad Pitt. Mmmm. Before I go on a tangent about the glory that is him in Troy, let’s get back to you. Can you tell me a little more about Erinn/Nia?

I write erotic romance as Nia Farrell and historical romance as Erinn Ellender Quinn.  Erinn’s main characters tend to be MF.  Nia is my naughty side. She writes MF, MFM, MMF, BDSM, paranormal, shifters, metaphysical, contemporary, historical, and fantasy.  Nia’s book Something More (The Three Graces Book Three) was a 2016 Golden Flogger finalist for Best BDSM Book of the Year, Ménage Category.  Her BDSM MMF ménage Victorian erotic romance As Wicked as You Want is a nominee for 50 Best Indie Books of 2016.  One of her favorite projects was rewriting Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as erotic romance.  Pride and Punishment – An Erotic Retelling of Jane Austen’s Beloved Classic has a dominant Darcy.  My books are first person and third person, single and multiple perspectives, depending on the story.  I greatly enjoy writing the male point of view.

How would you describe your writing style?  

Lyrical.  I’m very poetic when I write, but then I write poetry and music.

With such diverse tastes, what drew you to the idea of writing Touch the Wind?

It’s a swashbuckler set in 1727 Caribbean.  Who doesn’t love pirates in the Caribbean?

Not me. So far your interview has me thinking of Johnny Depp as a pirate, Brad Pitt as a demi-god, BDSM, and ménages. Ok, ok, back on track. Tell me a fun fact about this book. 

My husband and I are period reenactors, mostly Civil War, but I started out in 18th century with a French unit.  One of the things I didn’t find in standard French-English dictionaries was what a man would say when he wanted his partner to climax.  I had a connection in France who was able to tell me. She was working in France at the time, doing theatrical costuming.  She was brave enough to ask and learn the answer to my question.

With such a diverse fan base, have you had any odd fan encounters?

Thankfully, no

So, I know it seems as if you’re the Super Woman of prose, but what would you consider to be your writing Kryptonite?

New episodes of Vikings or Outlander will bring writing to a halt.

Seriously, now you have me thinking of Vikings, too? I swear you’re going to kill me with concupiscent thoughts!! Is there anything you’re currently working on now?

Nia Farrell’s Replay Book 4: Hooked, set in Pirates’ Cove at Replay resort, a BDSM theme resort where patrons play in the past.  Hooked releases January 1, 2017.

With your wealth of experience, I’m sure aspiring authors are dying for a bit of advice. What would you tell them?

Be realistic, be prepared to work, be grateful for help, and be sure to pay it forward.  Above all, be true to your characters.  Don’t write for a trend, or for an audience.  Write the story that was entrusted to you to tell.

Tremendous thanks for taking the time out of your hectic day for this interview.

Touch the Wind is available for purchase through Amazon at:


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