Author Spotlight: Eve Barrett

Today’s Author Spotlight features Eve Barrett, author of It’s Complicated: Confessions of a Modern Day Cinderella. Very intriguing title. Care to elaborate on what to expect from the novel?

The perfect form of escapism. A light-hearted, humorous read with hints of romance and a lot of awkward situation.

Talk about a way to whet an appetite! Can you tell me more?

Self-proclaimed social outcast, Anna, shares her adventures (sometimes misadventur51bkcuzmjel-_sy346_es) and her attempts to live a perfectly normal life with her housemate Sarah in a gorgeous flat in South Kensington only to be disturbed by occasional late night flower deliveries by regretful admirers, invitations to questionable parties, and uninvited guests who look too good to bear.

Anna soon meets the likes of David and Gina, questionable elements she can’t quite put her finger on, who have taken on the new hobby of trying to ruin her completely.

Oh, and let’s not forget James who almost runs Anna over with his car and is at the centre of all this chaos.

P.S. There’s London highlife we’re forgetting and they really don’t take well to being so blatantly ignored…it really became one gigantic mess!

What drew you to the idea of writing this novel?

I’ve always been quite a curious person. One night a friend and I went to a beautiful hotel, both of us newly single and with plenty of spare time on our hands. I’ll just say the place was full of potential storylines; I was so captivated the experience didn’t even leave me on my train journey home later. I was dozing off when this scenario started unfolding in my head and I decided to take notes. I knew it was the beginning of something.

Notes on a train – sounds like a story in itself. How did you decide writing was your calling?

I’ve studied journalism and creative writing, but it wasn’t until a couple of years after graduation when I decided I really wanted to give writing a shot. I remember how one night on the train home this idea got stuck in my head that is actually the entry scene in my debut novel. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t had a chance to read it yet, though, so I’ll just say that was the beginning of my journey as a writer.

Where do you draw your inspirations from?

From life. From books. From situations that happen and others forget. From newspaper articles, magazines, movies, and TV shows. I find there’s nothing that I wouldn’t utilize…the world is full of inspirations for a story that just has to be written!

It seems the world is your oyster in terms of inspiration. Any specific book provide the creative stimulation for your own novels?

It would probably be ‘Harry Potter’, the ultimate magical alternate universe.

I agree. What about authors – do you have one in particular you enjoy reading?

I’ll share the last author I read and whose book I thoroughly enjoyed, Cate Woods.

As a newer author, what would you consider the most difficult part been on your journey so far.

I suppose it could be a few things, really, but ‘questioning’ would be a main part in all. A writer would question whether their style is ‘right’, the genre, whether the reader would relate to what they’ve written. It’s important to be quite fluid and adapt accordingly.

Yeah, the balance between what you want to write and what your readers want to read. In keeping with this topic, how would you describe your writing style?

For my debut novel the style is quite humorous and light-hearted. I write chick-lit in first person perspective.  I like to create eccentric characters with an affinity for a bit of drama.

Can you give me a fun fact about Confessions?

I don’t know if it’s necessarily fun, but all the travel destinations were places I’ve been to and wanted people to be as fascinated by them as I was. Also there’s a mention about James Dean and that plot line was extracted from my own life.

Speaking of James Dean, which actress/actors would portray the lead characters of your book?

Jennifer Lawrence or Zooey Deschanel would be Anna and as for James…that’s quite a difficult choice, but possibly Chris Pine.

With the release of Confessions earlier this year, are you currently working on another project?

I’m working on book number two in the It’s Complicated series and also a completely different project that I hope readers will enjoy as well.

You gain inspiration from everyday life, you write diverse stories with eccentric characters; based on your experience, what advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Start writing and keep writing. Get feedback. Change your style if you have to. Don’t be closed to criticism, but don’t rely on it, either. It’s subjective.

Well, congratulations on your debut novel! You’ve certainly developed a great writing style.

To learn more about Eve, visit her website:

To buy a copy of her novel, It’s Complicated: Confessions of a Modern Day Cinderella, click the link below.

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